Description: The FILM FACED PLYWOOD RIOPLY is assembled with selected veneers following a strict quality control that results in a high quality product based on international standards. It is coated with imported Tego Film 180-gr./m2. This product is submitted to a rigorous calibration process, which grants it uniform thickness all throughout the panel.  A rubberized paint is applied on the edges conferring them a highly sealing resistance. It makes RIOPLY Panels totally waterproof.

Application: The FILM FACED RIOPLY is indicated to use as concrete shuttering in buildings such as concrete slabs, beams, pillars/columns and foundations.

Number of Uses: FILM FACED RIOPLY holds out at least 25 continuous uses, once applied according to the recommended applications.

Dimensions: 2440x1220mm | 2500x1250mm
Thickness and number of plies: 12mm 05/07 Plies | 15mm 07/09 Plies | 18mm 09/11/13 Plies

Bonding (Glueing):  Phenolic Bonding – WBP with low formaldehyde emission and 100% waterproof in accordance to EN 314 Bonding Class 3 standards (European) and PS 1-09 (American).

Density: 590 kg p/m3
Type (Species): Pinus Elliottii/Taeda